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Police, State Trooper, Sheriff & Deputy Figurines
Hand Painted Pewter - Authentic Reproductions
Each figurine is individually detailed and finished, a
wide variety of rank and/or insignia, correct uniforms,
badges, hats, fire arms, belts, equipment and more...
Due to the extensive amount of time your order may
take approximately 8-10 weeks for delivery.  Your
understanding is greatly appreciated.
The Figurines page has more examples and details of
agencies that have been completed.
Tiny Trooper figurines fit well with 1/18 scale
cars, trucks, motorcycles and are just the right
size for fine detailing. They can stand alone or
create a scene (Diorama) with additional
enforcements and perpetrators.
“The detailng and craftsmanship
is truly amazing it’s an exact replica
  - John Q. MA.State Trooper” 
Custom Cast Wheels
The finishing detail for your
1/18 scale squad. Your custom
build will have that one last
detail that will make it look just
like the actual unit.
Your replica will have the finest
1/18 scale accessory available.
Visit the “Wheels” page for
details, available types and
model compatibility.